Why Desktop Computers ?

I Have used Desktops since 1999.
Always been a fan of those elegant CPU’s and expansive monitors.
Back then we had an HP BRIO BA600. A sleek white beauty. She was a performance beast and helped me greatly during my school days.
Power and Performance matter for me over Portability and Compactness.

COVID-19 Reality Check

As working from home became the new normal, Internet Power users received a Boost. As the Great Lock down started people started going online more. In a few weeks, remote workforce became high demand
Much joy for Desktop Computer users who found themselves in huge demand. They now had plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents without leaving home.

Laptops Feeling the Heat !!

Laptop users felt the crunch of using more cloud based apps. Performance dipped greatly as Older laptops couldn’t handle the excessive workload.
Which brings us to the popular questions Internet Power Users ask these days !!

  1. What is best desktop computer for home use?
  2. What is the best Desktop computer for 2020 ?
  3. Which computer is reliable for working from home ?

This article aims to answer a few of those questions. By Highlighting the trump cards Desktops have over Laptops

What is a desktop computer ?

A computer having separate components that are placed on a desk. They do not have a battery and need continuous power for operation. Desktops are fixed to a location nearby a power outlet.

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A Desktop computer with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

#1 More Room

Desktops occupy more space on your table. This gives you much freedom to stretch yourselves out while working long hours.
It is more ergonomic to have the best desktop computer in your work space. Saving your physical health for more strenuous tasks.
The mere presence of the Desktop Computer can give your day an awesome boost.

1.1 Keyboard and Mouse are Separate

Studies have shown that you need to have a proper working space to yield maximum productivity.
Lugging around here and there on hp laptops can get tiresome real quick. Worse is the lack of a dedicated working space that comes with moving around a lot.
It may take an hour to clear up some room before you can start working intently.
An Assembled desktop allows you to choose a comfortable mouse and Keyboard.
You can spread out abundantly to maintain a relaxed working posture. Spend long hours with comfort.
Desktop Computer with Separate Keyboard and Mouse

1.2 Comfortable to use

When you have the freedom and room to use space , comfort follows naturally.
Desktops give the user experience priority by having larger of everything.
Plus the freedom to customize if an assembled desktop is your deal

1.3 Larger Power Supply

Desktops come with a large power supply unit keeping in mind that they have loads of Drive bays.
The unit is generally more efficient. You can add more components without hassle as they always have extra juice.

#2 More Processing Power

The largest processors are used in gaming personal computers. They can only be accommodated on Desktops.
That being said you need not acquire the best desktop computer . Rather find a desktop computer priced within your budget that can be upgraded as well.
Keep in mind these three pointers while selecting a Desktop computer on flipkart.

2.1 Larger Motherboard

The motherboard is the central component in which all individual parts are mounted. You need a chipset which has more vacant slots and can be upgraded to the next generation when the time comes.
More than Moore’s Law can run you out eventually. Why not choose a motherboard that has a longer shelf life.

2.2 Adding more RAM

More often than not, Getting a larger motherboard gives you an extra RAM slot. You can slide in an extra stick if your applications are consuming too much system resources.

2.3 Over-clocking

Now here is the Disclaimer. I’m not a proponent of over clocking. However I have seen geeks perform the same on their desktops without much fuss.
One can safely boost the performance of your CPU by tweaking around the BIOS. Add extra cooling to compensate for the higher heat production.

#3 Easily Serviceable

Desktops are a dream when it comes to maintenance. The large size is actually a blessing. Individual components can be analyzed separately and diagnostics are easier to carry out.
This helps in faster identification of faults and speedily redress the issues.

3.1 Ease of swapping components

Found your faulty component. Pop open the cabinet and swap it out. It is as easy like changing a light bulb.

3.2 Low cost of components

Desktop Computers have mass produced components keeping in mind the longer shelf-life.

3.3 Upgrade the CPU

Desktop CPU’s always have a few upgrade cycles in their life cycle. Hence they last longer and maintain good performance levels even while being old.

#4 Can Multi-task Efficiently

The increased real estate on Desktops allows one to use many apps at the same time and process work faster. The larger screen size and processing power benefits compound the multi-tasking prowess..

Microsoft 365 for Business works best on Desktops => Check out the article here

4.1 Use more than one monitors

Having additional ports on the CPU allows for connecting an extra monitor. You can run multiple windows to

4.2 Handle multiple applications

Easily run many tasks on the same desktop. You won’t even feel the performance lag on an hp all-in-one computers.

4.3 Switching applications is seamless

Switch between many applications without causing delays in processing. Desktops have the resources needed to distribute data without cutting corners.

#5 Power Performers

5.1 Cheap Gaming pc

The gaming experience of a Desktop can never be matched on a laptop. Their massive processing power is a tall order for any laptop to beat.

5.2 Handle high workloads

A Desktop can breeze through high intense situations because they keep a lot of cached data.

5.3 Crunch big data effortlessly

Crunching chunks of data for machine learning / modelling is home territory for desktops. You need extended hours of working at high intensity without needing to worry about heating up.


Desktop Computers are here to stay. There is no doubt that laptops will occupy the backpacks of travelers. However when they go back to office , eventually it is a desktop that awaits their return.

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